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The goal of each of our SEO products is to provide you a clear framework on your next actions steps towards content planning, content creation, technical website and SEO fixes, and much more. 

Each of our SEO products comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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Competitors Keyword Gap Analysis Product Design

Competitors Keyword Gap Analysis

A complete overview of the keywords that your competitors are ranking for that you are not. 

The keyword gap analysis product is great for identifying niche related keywords so you can start planning the content creation process.

The keyword gap analysis will help you make the first step towards content creation for your website.


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SEO Content Audit Product Design

SEO Content Audit

A complete overview of all the pages on your website and actions based on the current performance of each page.

The SEO content audit helps spotting unnecessary pages on your website that might have been created as a result of using WordPress, or a plugin.  

Having too many indexed pages might become a crawl budgeting issue thus negatively affecting your website after Google’s next algorithm update.



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Essential Keyword Research Product Design

Essential Keyword Research

A keyword research deliverable which is niche-specific and tailored for your target market. 

Type of keywords include money keywords, informational and educational. 

Keywords will be clustered to avoid keyword cannibalization when working on content. 

The essential keyword research will help you set foot on content creation, and uncover new keyword ranking opportunities for your website. 

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